The visiting school brief is part of a three year workshop agenda. Each year we will investigate a different material and its related method of production gaining a thorough understanding of the relationships between the object, the city and the factory.

In our introductory year we will unravel the most basic component of architecture: the brick. Collaborating with a global brick manufacturer and local craftsmen we will invent new ways to think of, draw and manufacture bricks. The brick will be the medium and the message. As a recording instrument it will become the means to record place, time and event. We will study the manufacturing process of the crafted and the industrial brick and document global and local sequences and implications.

In the first week, participants of AAVS Bengaluru will focus on research, documentation and digital skills. We will visit various factories and through a series of collective drawing and film workshops we will document and illustrate the existing production processes of brickmaking and create site specific design proposals.

The second week will focus on the material realisation of the first week’s exploration to make prototypes. Working alongside factory workers we will exchange knowledge in order to create the unexpected. The brick will tell the story of the architect and the city. The dirt, the additives, the mould and its makers, the firing process, the final use of the brick and all of its elements will create a new relationship with the object. We will aim to install our 1:1 prototypes within the fabric of the city.