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“The hand is the window to the mind” -Immanuel Kant

The AAVS Bengaluru is a hands-on design and make workshop with a strong emphasis on research. We will explore the relationship between the Architect, Production and the City and question how global markets, standardisation and the elimination of craft have detached the Architect from the Product.

The city of Bengaluru and its diverse factories will be our primary source of inspiration and the framework for our research.Through a series of factory visits, we will engage in methods of production, thereby understanding how their outputs define the relationship between man and machine, demand and supply, industry and craft and ultimately architecture and culture. We will investigate manufacturing methods in different settings, comparing the mass produced object and its crafted equivalent, recording the events and scenarios that take place from the conception of an idea to the making of the physical object.

Each year we will focus on a different material and its related mode of production. In our introductory year we will unravel the most basic component of architecture: the brick. We will study the manufacturing process of the crafted and the industrial brick, testing and experimenting with new brick prototypes. Participants will create site-specific design proposals to then assemble a 1:1 scale structure. AAVS Bengaluru will connect the Architect and the Factory to model new ideas and visionary relationships between the architect, craft, industry and the city.


  • Exploring the city of Bengaluru
  • Visits to a series of factories and workshops
  • The opportunity to directly engage in the manufacturing process of brick making at a crafted and industrial level
  • Lecture series: Lecturers which will include architects, designers, sociologists, craftsmen and manufacturers on the subject of city development, factory, craft and designing for production
  • Digital workshops: Students will be exposed to a series of digital workshops in design and presentation tools developing skills in film, illustration, rhinoceros, grasshopper and adobe suite
  • Fabrication: Access to factories and workshops working with craftsmen and industry professionals

The skills acquired in the programme will be applicable to future studies and individual pursuits.

What you will take away with you :

  • Critical theoretical knowledge
  • Research and documentation skills
  • Design and digital software skills (Rhinoceros, grasshopper, adobe creative suite)
  • Analogue and digital making and fabrication techniques
  • Understanding the different processes of production and their wider implications
  • Comprehensive knowledge about bricks
  • The skills acquired in the programme will be applicable to future studies and individual pursuits