• Ananth Ramaswamy is an Architectural Designer based in London and India. He has worked for large and small practices and is currently working at Michaelis Boyd Associates in London. He is an AA Dipl RIBA Part II graduate from the Architectural Association School of Architecture, 2014. He spent the last two years at the AA exploring the architectural idea as a negotiation between the imagined and built.

  • Maria Brewster is an Architect based in London and Greece. She has worked for practices in Athens and London and is currently practicing at David Morley Architects on  sports, educational and housing projects. She has previously taught at the AA Visiting Schools Greece Patras and Athens and has extensive experience in workshops and fabrication. She was also a construction tutor at the Burlington Danes Academy, London for the ‘School House Project’ 2014-15 and a RIBA ambassador in 2016-17. Currently she is researching traditional crafts and architecture in Greece primarily marble and ceramic processes and applications. She is an AA Dipl RIBA Part II (2013), Part III (2017) graduate and a RIBA/ARB registered Architect.

  • Charlotte Moe Halsted Is a Copenhagen-based Architect MAA, currently working at Arkitema Architects. Simultaneously she is a Director of Artzul, a Danish design studio, working with small scale productions. She is also a Tutor of Intermediate Unit 9 at the AA, where the students are working in Copenhagen. She has previously worked at John Pawson Architects in London on projects in Sweden, Scotland, Germany, Los Angeles and Miami. She is RIBA Dip Part II graduate from the Architectural Association School of Architecture, 2014.